Tips For Working From Home

It’s the first day of working from home for a lot of people around the country. As we strap in for the foreseeable, here are six tips to keep your productivity up:

1. Stick to a routine

Get up, get dressed, start work and finish work at the same time every day – the routine will help keep you organised.

2. Have a designated workspace

Maintain a distinct difference between the place you work and the place you relax – even if it just means working in a separate area of the same room!

3. Work at a desk

It might not be possible for everyone, but if you have a table or desk we strongly recommend you utilise it.

4. Take regular breaks⠀

The human mind wasn’t made to work continuously – you should take regular breaks throughout the day (within reason, of course 😉).

5. Communication is key

Keep in touch with your colleagues, hold regular remote meetings and update each other on your progress via programs such as Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

6. Schedule your day ⠀

You’ll need to organise your priorities and deadlines to stay on track; there are several tools that you can use to do this such as Evernote, Trello, Todoist and Google Docs.

COVID-19 Update | A Message From The Directors

A Message From Imperial Recruitment Group

With the concerns surrounding COVID-19 we want to reassure you that Imperial Recruitment Group is still fully operational and open for business.

The current situation is challenging for all businesses, regardless of size or sector and the only way that we will get through this is by following all official guidelines and advice.

As a business, we are diligently following guidance and best practices from the NHS and UK Foreign Office on how we best protect our customers and staff, and we are currently running our operations as usual from our Darlington Head Office.

Should anyone or everyone need to work from home as part of self-isolation instructions, please rest assured that every member of the Imperial Team is equipped and prepared to work from home, causing no disruption to any client requirements.

In light of the current situation we have increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising of all equipment and most-touched communal areas including door handles, light switches, bathrooms and the kitchen.

We are also postponing all physical meetings until further notice, and will be handling all communications digitally via video calls, phone calls or emails.

We remain an extension of your team and therefore are here to support you any way we can. Imperial have contingency plans in place and are confident that we can continue our excellent service, whilst looking after the health of our staff.

We will remain open for business as usual and your priorities remain ours.