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Dan Pilkington  

Senior Consultant – Imperial Professionals

Professional Summary:

Over 3 years’ experience working for two global recruitment agencies as a specialist recruiter provided me with the foundations to take my career to the next level here at the Imperial Recruitment Group.

After a few discussions and hearing first-hand the groups future plans it was a no brainer and the best decision I have ever made. I now work with a diverse range of clients from all industries and I have been provided with the freedom to manage my own destiny with no glass ceilings!


I don’t really get time to have a hobby but I would probably say it is to spend as much time with my wife and kids! I like to make sure we do something or go somewhere different each weekend!
I’ve probably been to every sea life / zoo and theme park in the country!!

Favourite film:

Don’t really have a favourite but I do have a few:
The Call, John Wick’s, Shrek and Toy Story!!!

Favourite food:

Pizza and Mexican food

Interesting fact:

I grew up in Germany (although I can’t speak it) and I have few weird phobia’s!